10 Facts About ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 That Will Surprise You

There is still a lot to discover about Stranger Things; we are about to provide some fascinating season 4 information.
In keeping with their promise, The Duffer Brothers created Stranger Things season 4 to be as amazing as ever. Certain ambiguities and mysteries were cleared up in both volumes.

Maybe you now think that you know everything there is to know about season 4? I hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong. Despite the fact that Stranger Things Season 4 has cleared things up, there are still fascinating elements that you definitely aren’t aware of.

There are a few things that are connected to Stranger Things Season 4—from the hairstyles of the characters to the people who were their style icons.

Facts About Stranger Things Season 4 

To understand more and liven up your experience with season 5, keep reading.

1. A Teenage Werewolf

The season 4 episode where Chrissy was in the bathroom stall and having dreams about her past featured the song “I Was a Teenage Werewolf,” which we first heard there.

This tune, which was inspired by something eerie and enigmatic, began playing as she opened the door and left.

The same-named 1950s horror film, which shows the transformation of an irate, tormented kid into a bloodthirsty monster as a result of the doctor’s experiments on him, served as inspiration for this song.

There are similarities between this tale and One’s meeting with Dr. Brenner. In addition, the horror-thriller movie “IT” is based on the same movie about a young werewolf.

2. A Nightmare On Elm Street

Back at Pennhurst, where Nancy and Robin are about to meet Robert Englund’s Freddy Krueger character Victor Creel, there is a sign that forbids the use of knives, needles, and razor blades. This is a clever inside joke referencing Krueger’s infamous bladed glove, which was originally made using steak knives and which, in The Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, briefly uses needles.

2. A Nightmare On Elm Street

Robert Englund also pays homage to his most well-known role when he scratches his nails along the metal table in his cell, which is also extremely Silence of the Lambs-like.

3. The Clock In The Season 4 Connects To The Novel Watchme

At first sight, the Grandfather clock motif that runs throughout Stranger Things’ fourth season seems out of place.

It is eventually made obvious that these all refer to the old Creel home. Where Vecna, aka One, first became aware of his deadly psychic abilities. More importantly, though, this alludes to the venerable book “Watchmen” by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

3. The Clock In The Season 4 Connects To The Novel Watchme
The Doomsday Clock, which is perpetually ticking toward the stroke of midnight, is one example of how clocks play a significant role in the comic.

4. There Are Certain Similarities Between Stranger Things And The Anime ‘Akira’

Have you ever heard of the 1988 dystopian science-fiction anime starring “Akira” if you’re an anime fan?

Similar to the narrative of Eleven, which is where Stranger Things is based, the ‘Akira story centers on a group of kids with latent psychic talents who are being controlled, observed, and experimented on by a dishonest government agent.

That is, until Tetsuo, one of the kids, wrecks New Tokyo. Tetsuo eventually succumbs to his own powers and suffers horrendous disfigurement. Don’t you think that One’s fate, who deceived Eleven into releasing him, is quite similar to this?

4. There Are Certain Similarities Between Stranger Things And The Anime ‘Akira’

Even the show’s ultimate disintegration, which Eleven started, has visual echoes of old-school anime and manga.

5. Eleven Didn’t Cut Her Hair Short This Time

It is a well-known fact that whenever Eleven visits the Hawkins lab, her head is always shaved. And I’m sorry to tell you that your assumption that Eleven shaved her head this time and it took a long time to grow back is untrue.

It’s unexpected to find that the show’s creators gave her a wig this time. Just 30 to 1 hour was all it took for them to put it on her head, and they did it so expertly. Nevertheless, we are pleased that Millie’s wonderful hair was kept, hehe.

5. Eleven Didn’t Cut Her Hair Short This Time

6. After Appearing In Stranger Things, Kate Bush’s Song ‘Running Up That Hill’ Gained A Lot Of Popularity

Currently, the most well-known song in Australia is one that was published more than 40 years ago.

“Running Up That Hill,” a song by Kate Bush, is currently at the top of the charts in every country, a position it didn’t even approach when it was initially released in 1985.

As far as we know, the song, which revealed Max’s past, was played during season 4. The song was also instrumental in Max’s release from Vecna’s curse.

Kate Bush, who is also the oldest at 63, holds the record for the youngest woman to top the UK charts with a solo single. According to Kate Bush, she is simply happy that a new generation is learning about and appreciating her song.

7. Vecna’s Look’

Vecna’s unsettling appearance contributes to part of his allure. You might be startled to learn that Vecna was almost totally built by the Stranger Things team using real-world effects.

Barry Gower, the creator of the character’s prosthetics, set out to create the character as accurately as he could.

Actor Jamie Campbell Bower had a difficult prosthetic application procedure in which numerous prosthetic elements were directly attached to Campbell’s skin.

About 2,425! The explanation was that it allowed Campbell to move more naturally and with greater freedom than a rubber suit would. The drawbacks, though, are ugly. Applying everything took roughly 7 hours.

7. Vecna’s Look'
And wearing it made me incredibly hot. Campbell would therefore spend time under a cool tent in between takes. He would occasionally be covered in jelly and painted with glossy silicone to give him a slimy, repulsive appearance.

8. Roller Fun

The Rinko frenzy scenes starring Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp were a lot of fun to shoot. These sequences were filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at the Real Roller King location.

When they had free time, Millie would play music via the speakers while they skated around the rink. In one behind-the-scenes gaffe, Millie and Noah ran into one other head-on while laughing, sending them both to the ground.

8. Roller Fun

9. Hawkins High School

the emotion you experience after graduating from middle school but before starting high school. The same abandoned school was utilized by Hawkins High and Middle Schools.

Although it could appear that this is a careless choice, schools from the same era frequently have comparable shapes and decorations. Because money is not an issue for Stranger Things, this decision feels more aesthetically pleasing than lazy.


9. Hawkins High School
We said goodbye to the middle school and painted the track for season 4. Our smallest characters have now started ninth grade. The basketball players also appear to have been having a great time on set. On their free time, they play ball and make up handshakes.

10. Suzie’s House

It’s time to travel 3,000 kilometers in search of a hacker.

In Utah, our heroes were kicking back at Suzie’s house. With the exception of that street number, which reads 308, we are unsure of the actual address. And a soundstage was used to film Suzie’s bedroom.

It was presumably a combination of green screen and real staging. Probably because they just wanted trees and that front entrance faces a road.

10. Suzie’s House
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