10 Best Easter Movies to Watch with Family and Friends in 2023

Easter is quickly approaching. Finally, the day that everyone has been waiting for has come. Why are vacations wonderful? for socializing with family and friends.

Where are the Easter movies when we have so many to pick from for Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays? Oh, sure, this area. Watching movies with your family is the best way to spend the day, as many of you have probably already thought.

We’ve got your back, too. We have a long list, so now is the time to assemble your favorite snacks, relax on your couch, and get started.
You might be able to watch everything in one sitting, but make sure to get enough sleep for your beauty. Let’s now get going.

1. Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

When is Easter? It’s time for Peter Rabbit. After realizing that his human family plans to portray him adversely in their newspaper, Peter Rabbit runs away from them. He meets an experienced bunny soon after who drags him into a robbery.

There is also a first film, which is highly recommended. Thomas, McGregor’s nephew, is upset to find Peter Rabbit and his sisters in his garden when he first arrives into the family mansion.

Thomas creates numerous conspiracies to thwart them. You and your younger siblings or kids can watch them both.

2. Hop

Without include the 2011 film “Hop,” our list of the best Easter movies would be incomplete. Actually, everyone should see this movie for Easter.

Watching these movies won’t tire you whether you’re an adult or a teen. The story of Hoo revolves around Fred, a man who has never taken life seriously and who unintentionally hurts an Easter Bunny, forcing him to accept him as a guest.

Laughter follows as they work to solve the issue. To date, only one Illumination movie has combined live-action and animation. That is unquestionably another justification for seeing this fantastic animated film.

3. Rise Of The Guardians

You shouldn’t miss out on another dream family film. Someone steps in to save the day when the evil spirit Pitch arrives on Earth with plans to terrorize children and rule the earth.

A group of extraordinary immortal guardians banded together to defend the children. Despite being based on Joyce’s book series, there are some significant differences between the movie and the books.
When Joyce’s daughter inquired about whether Santa Claus had ever met the Easter Bunny, the Guardians were born. A tribute to her is given in the film, and the song “Still Dream” is played during the closing credits.

Have you discovered the perfect movie? We are happy.

4. The Greatest Story Ever Told

The historical account of Jesus of Nazareth, from his birth to his ascension, is recounted in this 1965 film. Along with the rest of the cast, it is Claude Rains’ penultimate acting role.

It received five Academy Award nominations. A brilliantly shining star guides three wise men (magi) as they make their way from Asia to Jerusalem in search of a newborn king.

In this dramatic operatic portrayal of Jesus Christ’s life, Max Von Sydow, John Wayne, Charlton Heston, Sidney Poitier, and Shelley Winters all shine.

Although the film is rather dated, it is still quite good and will teach you a lot.

5. Mary Magdalene

Another film about biblical narratives. Jewish woman Mary Magdalene joins Jesus as a committed disciple and sticks with him despite her differences with Saint Peter.

She then sees Jesus being crucified and rising from the dead. The soundtrack serves as Jóhann Jóhannsson’s last film score before his passing.

Mary affirms the authority of the Holy Spirit pouring through her on behalf of Jesus’ followers as being fully in agreement with the other apostles.

6. Young Messiah

At the age of seven, when Jesus and his family return from Egypt to their home in Nazareth, he discovers the truth about his existence. He is aware that he is the Son of God, sent by the Father to save humanity.

6. Young Messiah

Focus Features stated on September 1, 2015, that the film, which was once known as Christ the Lord during production, will now go by the moniker The Young Messiah.

Nowrasteh said in a news release that the new title “better communicates how our film strives to provide a realistic portrait of Jesus as a kid both anchored in faith and congruent with the adult Jesus depicted in the Bible.”

7. The Dog Who Saved Easter

The context of the movie must have been obvious from the title. This canine family comedy follows the Bannisters when they leave their dog Zeus at a kennel to join a family cruise.

Everything is going according to plan until a rival daycare across the street employs two thugs to wreck the fledgling business. Zeus must now take immediate action and use all of his strategies to save both Easter and the daycare.

7. The Dog Who Saved Easter
The movie is actually extremely charming to watch and entertaining. Your day will undoubtedly be improved by this movie.

8. Risen

A Roman military tribune named Clavius and his dependable sidekick Lucius look into what happened to Jesus after his crucifixion. Along the way, they make some shocking discoveries.

The film earned $46 million worldwide despite receiving mediocre reviews. A fresh take on the Greatest Story Ever Told, a lighter tone than many faith-based films, and an outstanding performance from lead actor Joseph Fiennes are all features of the film Risen.

Many people have expressed their admiration for this poignant and inspirational film. You must determine this for yourself.

9. Yogi The Easter Bear

A fantastic Easter movie that is highly recommended. This is one of Don Messick’s final voice-over performances; he passed away in 1997 following a crippling stroke that occurred in 1996.

In order to ensure the success of the event, Smith purchases an Easter Bunny outfit and prepares a truckload of treats. He also instructs his guard, Mortimer, who is nearsighted, to keep a watch on the truck of treats and make sure Yogi Bear doesn’t consume any of it.

9. Yogi The Easter Bear

Yogi steals the Easter Bunny outfit, deceives Mortimer into thinking he is the real Easter Bunny, and eats every piece of candy in the truck. Yogi Your new favorite bear is probably the Easter Bear.

10. Easter Parade

Easter Parade is the last but not least. Broadway legend Don Hewes’ (Fred Astaire) dancing partner goes solo in this superb musical, and Don declares that he can make the next dancer he meets into a smash talent.

The naïve Hannah (Judy Garland), who laughs at Don’s attempts to convert her like his prior lover, is shown to be this. But as he realizes he is falling for Hannah, Don realizes he must let her grow into her own brand of dancer if he wants her to reach her full potential.

As the highest-grossing musical film of 1948 and the second-highest-grossing MGM musical of the 1940s, behind Meet Me in St. Louis, Easter Parade was a critical and financial success.

10. Easter Parade
The list appears to have ended at this point. There are many choices, so don’t forget to tell us which one caught your attention and which you think is worth seeing.

Additionally, you can discuss your choices in the space below. And enjoy yourself tremendously with your family and friends.

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