10 Best Anime like Demon Slayer in 2023

Even though Demon Slayer Season 2 just concluded, you shouldn’t stop watching anime. Here are ten worthwhile anime that are similar to Demon Slayer. For your convenience, they are listed not in any particular sequence but rather according to the various factors that appeal to Demon Slayer fans.

10. My Hero Academia – Fights that keep you on your toes

The insane fights in Demon Slayer that are choreographed to the music are one aspect that stands out. In terms of actual competitiveness, Tanjiro’s battles with the overwhelming amount of demons and those from My Hero Academia may both be compared.

Izuku Midoriya, a young child born without any abilities in a society where superpowers are the norm, is the protagonist of the My Hero Academia series. This anime chronicles his ascent to the position of world’s greatest hero.

The fights in this anime range from Endeavor and Hawks vs. Upgraded Nomu, a battle with breathtaking sequences and direct shots that will kill you, to the philosophies that determine the fight’s conclusion.
My Hero Academia is the anime for you if you’re looking for anime like Demon Slayer, even if the plot and storyline beats are limited and quite similar in both series. If you’re thirsting for more action-packed scenes with wonderful storylines sewn in for good measure.

9. Jujutsu Kaisen – Slick and smooth animation

The main reason Demon Slayer is so well-known in the animation world is because of the bar it established for crucial combat animation. Jujutsu Kaisen comes extremely close to surpassing Demon Slayer in that regard, despite the fact that no series accomplishes it better.

The amazing animation is what makes the three big kahunas—My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, and Jujutsu Kaisen—must-watches despite the fact that they all have very diverse themes and patterns running through them.

The protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuji Itadori, is a regular guy who is thrust into the cursed world as a result of the most significant event in his life—eating the strongest cursed thing in existence.

The show’s opener demonstrates the animation’s quality; the characters move so fluidly, and the way it opens to highlight each person in every detail is flawless. Even while Demon Slayer may be setting the bar, Jujutsu Kaisen is easily catching up.

8. InuYasha – Biggest Influence for Demon Slayer

Inuyasha, which shares the most stylistic similarities with Demon Slayer, is a fantasy retelling of a time in Japan’s lengthy history where humans and demons battle for survival of either race.

As Kagome Higurashi, a high school student from the present, finds herself in the Sengoku era, 500 years in the past, we follow the eponymous character of InuYasha, a half-human, half-demon with dog ears, in his war against the horde of demons who are also seeking the power-granting crystal.

InuYasha should be on your watchlist if you’re searching for another anime that takes place in a medieval Japan with sword fights and katana duels.

7. The Rising of the Shield Hero – Unfortunate starting circumstances

Beginning with Tanjiro’s entire existence coming crashing down in front of us, Demon Slayer shows us how he rebuilds it with his demon sister, Nezuko. Naofumi from The Rising of the Shield Hero is another such beloved anime character.

The Shield’s Ascending Hero depicts Naofumi’s adventure after he is sent to a different world where people who have been moved are tasked with guarding the royal family.
Unfortunately for Naofumi, the princess of the kingdom, the person he was tasked with protecting plots to ruin her life by publicly humiliating him, which is how the story begins and we follow his ascent back to public favor.

Shield Rising and Demon Slayer Hero may not have many beats in common, but what really ties them together is the divergent paths they both travel on the hero’s journey.

6. Fire Force – Speed of action

The fights are one thing that Demon Slayer is renowned for, but what is it about the fights that is so catchy? One of those reasons, as we’ve already explored, is the gray area between humans and demons.

The speed and choreography of the battles are another factor that causes them to repeatedly crash the internet. I want to draw your attention to Fire Force in that scenario.

In a world where spontaneous human combustion is commonplace, the Fire Force was established. However, with the assistance of the fastest person ever, who is now capable of traveling at the speed of a rocket, the Fire Force can now examine the true cause of this disorderly issue.

Things are going to be swift and explosive in all the right ways, just how you like it in Demon Slayer, with a protagonist that attacks at the pace of a rocket.

5. Hunter X Hunter – Strongest Four-Man Grou

I have a fantastic suggestion if Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Nezuko constitute the ideal four-man squad because of their chemistry and all the running jokes they bring along with them.

X Hunter Hunter follows Gon’s journey as he ventures out into the world to track down his father, who abandoned him when he was a little child. Along the way, Gon learns more about the world and makes friends with a fantastic cast of colorful individuals.

The best buddy group, which consists of Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio, only travels together for a few episodes, yet their friendship is sincere and fruitful. Hunter X Hunter is the group of pals to watch if you want to see some other friends with independent drives and aims.

4. Yu Yu Hakusho – Battle between Demons and Huma

Demon Slayer is far more complicated than merely killing demons who are after human life, as the name suggests. The demons aren’t simply your stereotypical villains out to get you all the time; they have personalities and agendas as well.

In the classic shonen novel Yu Yu Hakusho, the same subject is brought up. The town’s troublemaker, Yusuke, is involved in an accident while trying to save another person. The grim reaper appears and offers to return his life in exchange for a favor. to stand in as the spirit world’s human emissary against the demon world.

Hiei is another one of those outliers in the universe of Yu Yu Hakusho, just like Nezuko is the outlier throughout the entire series, sometimes going with her instincts and other times bridging the gap between what is a demon and what is a human.

Watch Yu Yu Hakusho if you want to witness a more thorough examination of how and why we still battle both for and against the creatures we refer to as the stuff of dreams.

3. Black Clover – Amazing Hierarchies

The structure of the Hashira and the entire Demon Slayer Corps is an intriguing idea that no one in shonen has been able to execute flawlessly, even if Demon Slayer has only just begun presenting us to the broad variety of individuals that live this universe.

With the exception of Black Clover, each leader possesses a personality that could undoubtedly rule a large room and internal reasons that drive them to perform their duty of defending the populace.

Black Clover tells the tale of Asta, a young boy who wants to be the Wizard King but is aware that he is not magical. His journey leads him to discover a different form of magic that aids him.

Black Clover is available if you’re looking for an anime with incredible action and characters that is comparable to Hashira of Demon Slayer.

2. Re: Zero – Victory in the face of Desperation

With Uzui’s hand severed and Inosuke getting stabbed in the stomach, Demon Slayer Season 2 shown its total capacity to defy expectations. The conflict between Daki and Gyutaro, an Upper-Rank Demon Duo, was extremely tense.

Think bigger if the battle’s tension kept you on your toes and left you feeling overwhelmingly satisfied. What if this tension persisted over the entire season, only to conclude with a huge sigh of relief?

Welcome to Re: Zero, which tells the tale of Subaru, a recluse who ventured outside only to be teleported into a another realm when he was out purchasing chips. Subaru’s story has a twist in that a witch is in charge of the thread of his life and has created a save and load feature for his life in a different universe.

High levels of tension are there, and the characters range in depth and cuteness. In a world where every choice Subaru takes has profound repercussions. One of the best shows to watch after finishing Demon Slayer’s second season is this one.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – Pure Siblings Love

Let’s wrap up by discussing Tanjiro and Nezuko’s innocent and unadulterated connection, which is the main draw of Demon Slayer. If you wanted to follow another set of siblings, try Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s Edward and Alphonse Elric.

We follow Ed and Al’s quest in a world where alchemy is supreme and science is magic. Ed and Al lose body parts as a result of a taboo spell used in an experiment to bring their mother back from the grave. Ed and Al are now on a quest to return to how they were before the curse.

Does this scenario of a big brother attempting to retrieve his younger sibling’s body sound familiar to you? Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is regarded by many as the greatest anime of all time and is a recognized classic.

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